Went Running 3rd March 2019

Date 3/05/2019
Time 06:36 PM

Went to the Watagans during the day with the family and then when we got home every one spent some time on a screen :). I went running for about 20 mins or so which felt good. I'm still trying to get into the rhythm of running most days so I can start to build the kms up each week. I have a lot of work going on at the moment with the launch of a new product. 

Once I was finished the run I got some stretching in but just some adductor and hamstrings. I really should have done more but was feeling a bit lazy as usual.

Went Running 4th September 2018

I went down to the track and ran before the Coast Runners Shop race night and did 5 x 1km easy runs with about 140m walk across the field. I'm still getting sore feet even after buying some new Nike Vomero 13 running shoes. Possibly need to be stretching my calves more as they we feeling pretty tight when I finished.

I ended the session with a couple of strides bare foot on the grass.

Treadmill Rehab Easy Run 25th August 2018

Last 5km run worth of 600m easy running and 100m walking, next week 800m on and 100m off. I am finally starting to feel like running distance may finally be back on the cards but I was definitely sore from yesterdays session in the gym which made the first few feel tough.

Once I'd started getting warmed up and gave it a little more speed I felt good! Did a sneaky couple at 4:50 min/km.

Went Running 15th September 2018

Date 15/09/2018
Time 04:40 AM

Went to the gym this morning and had a run on the tready. Did 7 km worth of 1.2km on 100m walk with the running around the 5:20 - 5:30 pace which is a bit slower than I have been doing them but I think I have probably been overdoing it a bit since my heart rate on Tuesday was getting up around the 175 mark (I did the last interval at about 4:40 pace). While that sort of heart rate is not super high for me it is more than easy running which at the moment is probably more like 5:45 (should be a heart rate of 155 is what I'll be aiming for). I think for the moment this pace should be good.

Once I was finished the run I got some stretching in and finished up with some core exercises.

Exercise Reps Sets Resistance Notes
Hip Flexor Trigger Ball        
Glute Myofacial release with trigger ball        
Kneeling psoas stretching 10 1    
 Plank with alternating leg lift 30 3    
 Mountain climbers (hold) 2 1 50 seconds  
 Crook abdominal cycling 20 3