Went Running 15th September 2018

Date 15/09/2018
Time 04:40 AM

Went to the gym this morning and had a run on the tready. Did 7 km worth of 1.2km on 100m walk with the running around the 5:20 - 5:30 pace which is a bit slower than I have been doing them but I think I have probably been overdoing it a bit since my heart rate on Tuesday was getting up around the 175 mark (I did the last interval at about 4:40 pace). While that sort of heart rate is not super high for me it is more than easy running which at the moment is probably more like 5:45 (should be a heart rate of 155 is what I'll be aiming for). I think for the moment this pace should be good.

Once I was finished the run I got some stretching in and finished up with some core exercises.

Exercise Reps Sets Resistance Notes
Hip Flexor Trigger Ball        
Glute Myofacial release with trigger ball        
Kneeling psoas stretching 10 1    
 Plank with alternating leg lift 30 3    
 Mountain climbers (hold) 2 1 50 seconds  
 Crook abdominal cycling 20 3