Stretching guide from Runners World

Importance of Stretching

I can't stress enough how important is is to stretch after a training session. As a runner I find that each time I go out for a run I return with sore muscles and this soreness means that I need to stretch to help my body recover.

I've found that using a foam roller from time to time also helps to alleviate soreness and tightness of muscles. I've also been fond of using a trigger point ball on my hip flexors and to help reduce tightness in this hard to reach area.

I have also found this stretching guide that Runners World has put together quite instructive . 



Next 5 Marathons

What are the five marathons you'd like to complete? Boston has always been high on my list and I'm sure I'll get there at some point but not this year :)

Getting Back to Running

I've been injured for a while and am now finally getting back to being able to run any distance without feeling like my hip wasn't working. For quite a while I was training but not achieving any of my athletic goals because I was not able to move how I needed to be able to let alone do it without it hurting. Now however after many trips to the physio and doctors I am now of the slow road to recovery and getting back into shape. Looking at the photo I am impressed with how lean I managed to get after just a few years of running and how fast I managed to get even though I had done relatively little running early on and in fact was very over weight through my early and mid twenties.

It all changed when I turned 28 an thought gee I'm fat, a smoker and not happy and decided now was the time to change a few things. There were a few missteps but in the end I quit smoking and lost almost 30kg (when I was at my lightest).

Any how this website will detail my training and keep you informed of my progress.


Is It a Zombie or a Marathoner

When watching marathon runners trying to walk after the run you can’t help but laugh or at least giggle. We all know the struggle, but it’s funny to see 1,000+ people walk like zombies in one direction (The Walking Dead?)…or maybe they remind you of little ducklings?

In any case – very amusing for us pain free, sitting in our chairs.