Getting Back to Running

I've been injured for a while and am now finally getting back to being able to run any distance without feeling like my hip wasn't working. For quite a while I was training but not achieving any of my athletic goals because I was not able to move how I needed to be able to let alone do it without it hurting. Now however after many trips to the physio and doctors I am now of the slow road to recovery and getting back into shape. Looking at the photo I am impressed with how lean I managed to get after just a few years of running and how fast I managed to get even though I had done relatively little running early on and in fact was very over weight through my early and mid twenties.

It all changed when I turned 28 an thought gee I'm fat, a smoker and not happy and decided now was the time to change a few things. There were a few missteps but in the end I quit smoking and lost almost 30kg (when I was at my lightest).

Any how this website will detail my training and keep you informed of my progress.