Central Coast Run Film - Dec 27th 2019

Running is an incredible sport that lifts people out of their daily grind and allows them some time to escape and process any dramas or feelings they may be experiencing.

When I first started running I thought I was just doing it to loose some weight and get healthy but along the way I found it had many other benefits.

Way back in 2013 I had hit 100kg on the scales and my BMI had me as solidly obese. I thought that if I continued on the path I was going to end up being morbidly obese and unable to enjoy life.

I decided that then was the time to do something and committed to running everyday. Even if it was just a little bit. It didn't matter.

There's no better way to get your step count up quickly but I learned that even running just a little meant that having some good gear to help make it feasible.

I kept finding new ways to get hurt while running. Like chaffed everything!

Baggy clothing is not you're friend unfortunately, you need to have clothes that fit properly so they don't move around so much  when they're sweaty and give you chaffing.

By 2017 I was running pretty well having lost 30kg and joined my local athletics club. I achieved running a half marathon in 82:06 which is a reasonable pace for a novice runner.

Since I started running I have wanted to make a film that inspires and motivates people to run because I believe that running brings with it such a primal release that everyone should get to experience it.

I want those who say "I can't understand why anyone would like running" to understand what is that they are missing out on.

During 2019 I met Phil who is a film maker and we started talking about potentially making a film about why people run.

We asked runners on the Central Coast to make a quick video of themselves answering some questions about why they run and we got plenty of responses on our Facebook page

With an even greater understanding of what everyday people get out of running we are continuing the journey to put this short film together.

The most immediate next step is to review all the responses and put together a story that the short film will tell.